Callaham Stratocaster Tremolo Arms (Choose from options)

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Callaham Stratocaster Tremolo Arms (Choose from options)


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Callaham Tremolo Arm


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Callaham Stainless Steel Tremolo Arm 
with tip

We offer 3 different length arms with either our virtual pop-in thread or a traditional full thread.

If you are using our enhanced block, you should use our virtual pop-in arm.

A traditional full thread arm is really only for those still using their stock Fender trem block. 

Lengths - measured from the tip to center of 90 degree bend.


  • Standard Fender length 
6" from tip to center 
  • "64" length
5 1/4" tip to center 
  • Super Short Gilmour style length
 4 1/8" tip to center

Callaham Arm Lengths


The threads on all our arms are
UNF 10-32.

  • Virtual Pop-in Tremolo Arm.

The short thread on the Virtual Pop-in Arm is just to keep the arm from being pulled out of the block. (Can only be used with our Enhanced blocks.) 

  • Traditional threaded Tremolo Arm.

The traditional 5/8" length thread is for those still using their factory Fender block. My favorite length arm is the Callaham "64".

It being 3/4 shorter than a standard fender length arm puts it in the proper location for me to hold the arm and still pick extremely comfortably.

Callaham Tremolo Arm Thread Types