LR Baggs iBeam Active Bridge Plate Pick Up

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LR Baggs iBeam Active Bridge Plate Pick Up


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LR Baggs iBeam Active System for Acoustic Guitar



The iBeam Active System combines our patented bridge plate transducer with an all-discrete class A endpin preamp that enables you to simply "plug-in-and-play". The user-installable iBeam reproduces the natural tone of an acoustic guitar while maintaining perfect string balance and providing full dynamic range.

The iBeam itself is the heart of the system and weighs only 1/3rd oz. This revolutionary bridge plate transducer easily sticks to the bridge plate on the inside of the guitar and does not affect the acoustic tone of the guitar in any way. The iBeam is microphonic enough to hear the rich (but correct) texture of finger squeak and top tapping, but is resistant to feedback and gives you excellent amplified sound without a hint of piezo quack. Included with each iBeam is a placement jig that allows you to install the pickup in minutes and get the ideal placement for the transducer inside the guitar.

The iBeam preamp is made up of class A discrete circuitry and built on our stereo Strapjack Plus. Pre-tuned to deliver that great L.R. Baggs performance from the iBeam in any situation, it is ultra-quiet and faithfully amplifies the sound and dynamics of the iBeam.



• Quick and easy installation
• Includes ibeam placement jig (pin bridge guitars only)
• Peel-and-stick 
• Natural string-to-string balance and dynamics
• Fits most X-Braced guitars
• All discrete class A preamp for warm, analog sound
• Available in steel- and nylon-string versions



• Ibeam length: 2.875”
• Ibeam width: .425”
• Ibeam weight: less than 1/3 oz.
• Battery type: Single 9V
• Battery life: 1000 hrs.