Strat® Replacement Pickups

Strat® Replacement Pickups

Replacements for Strats®

The Fender Stratocaster™ is Lindy Fralin's favorite style of guitar, and had a lot of fun developing ourStrat® replacement pickups. His models are listed from the clearest and brightest to the heaviest and most powerful in 5% increments.

Note: We will do 2 1/2% increments on request.

A stronger pickup will make your treble strings sound better but your wound strings will get farther from the Fender twang. (Thicker and darker, see image below). The first five models use ALNICO V magnets (except Real 54's) in either stock or hybrid stagger (hybrid stagger is for necks with flatter than 10” radius).

We also have ALNICO III rod magnets which are 5% brighter and have 5% more lower mids. The Real 54's use six ALNICO III’s. The Steel Poled replacement for Strat® are built with steel pole pieces (screws) and bar magnets underneath for 20% and 25% over stock output.

5% Overwind = 5% More Power - 5% Highs Graph

* Note:
5% (+) Overwind = 5% More Power, 5% More Mids, but 5% Less Highs 
5% ( - ) Underwind = 5% Less Power, 5% Less Mids, but 5% More Highs

All of Lindy Fralin's Strat replacement pickups come with reverse wound middle pickups for hum canceling in the #2 and #4 positions. A reverse bridge or reverse neck is available upon request.

Vintage Hot 6 K 6 K 6.8 K
Real 54's 6 K 6 K 6.8 K
Blues Special 6.2 K 6.2 K 7.2 K
High Output (10%) 8 K 8 K 9.5 K
High Output (15%) 8.5 K 8.5 K 10 K
Steel Poled (42) 6 K 6 K 7 K
Steel Poled (43) 8.5 K 8.5 K 10 K