Glendale The "High O' Mighty" Intone Cutting Edge Aluminium Compensated Saddles

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Glendale The "High O' Mighty" Intone Cutting Edge Aluminium Compensated Saddles


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The "High O' Mighty" Intone Cutting Edge


The "High O' Mighty" Intone Cutting Edge
Three aluminum saddles!
The twang factor just doubled! This is the brightest set of saddles we make. Put your guitar in HIGH-GEAR!


Absolutely the best compensated saddles made for the Telecaster! First of all, I made the Intone Cutting Edge saddles for me as a guitar player. I carefully thought out and designed what I truly believe will soon become the world's most popular saddles. They are designed so that the ends of the saddles touch. I chose to make them this way because it minimizes movement and helps with the overall sound. It took a lot of time, effort and looking at things in a new way to come up with this design. The E/A is even longer on the E string side, for more string clearance. The edges are designed to touch at the top and not at the bottom. This is a huge improvement.This new relief will allow you to follow the radius of your guitar neck without causing the saddles to separate. Precision machined from billet. State of the art CNC machining center. All three saddles line up perfectly, and are cut so that the edges line up straight. I offer solid Brass, Stainless Steel, Hardened Steel, Titanium, and Aluminum saddles. My goal is perfect intonation (within .1 Hz) on all six strings. The height adjustment screws are tilted back to keep them off the bridge-plate screws. They are also rounded on the bottom. I use a #4 height adjustment screw with a dome bottom for two reasons. They are not as wide as the traditional #6 screw, so you get more string clearance. The dome bottom insures that you get the best contact to your bridge-plate. Fillister head intonation screws, springs, and Allen head height adjustment screws are all stainless steel. Stainless steel hardware means that oil and sweat from your hands will not cause corrosion of the parts - leaving them easy to adjust for the life of the guitar. These saddles can be installed on any vintage style Tele bridge-plate with no modifications required. My Intone saddles come with directions, one Allen wrench, three springs, six dome bottom #4-40x3/8" height adjustment screws, two short dome bottom screws #4-40x5/16" and three intonation screws.