Glendale The Vintage Blackguard "double-cut" Bridge-Plate nickel plated

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Glendale The Vintage Blackguard "double-cut" Bridge-Plate nickel plated


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The vintage Blackguard "double-cut" bridge-plate nickel plated


The Blackguard bridge-plate is made out of cold rolled steel like the original Teles of the 1950's. This plate will give your guitar a very smooth balanced tone emulating the sound that Leo changed the world with. The highs, mids and lows balance out equally giving the bridge-plate warmth and twang. This magnetic bridge-plate is designed to look and sound like the original but has all of my upgrades. The sides and front corner are polished chrome with a thin plating, the thin plating is very important to the tone. I leave the middle unpolished for the vintage look and vibe. The plate thickness is true to vintage .048, which is a major key in tone. If you make the plate too thick you will lose twang, harmonics and tone. All models are solid one piece construction with no welds in the corners.